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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005基于判断矩阵的观测量粗差发现和定位相关性分析 = Judgement matrix based correlation analysis of detectable and locatable gross errors in observationsCen, Min-Yi (岑敏儀); Gu, Li-ya (顧利亞); Li, Zhilin (李志林); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利)
2005基于小波变换的单历元算法及其在结构振动监测中的应用研究 = Integrated single epoch algorithm based on wavelet transform and its application to structural vibration monitoringXiong, Yong-liang (熊永良); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Huang, Dingfa (黃丁發); Dai, Wu-jiao (戴吾蛟); Chen, Hui-shan (陳惠珊)
2013基于时间序列的InSAR相干性量级估计 = InSAR coherence magnitude estimation based on data stackJiang, M. (蔣彌); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Li, Zhi-Wei (李志偉); Wang, Chi-Sheng (汪馳升); Zhu, Wu (朱武); Ke, Ling-Hong (柯靈紅)
2000多天线GPS软件系统Huang, Dingfa (黃丁發); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇)
2002天文地球动力学中的相对论效应 = Relativistic effects on astro-geodynamicsHuang, Cheng (黃珹); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇)
2004常规仪器与全球定位仪相结合的全自动化遥控边坡监测系统 = Integration of conventional instruments and GPS for remote automatic monitoring of slopesYin, J. H. (殷建華); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Yang, Yuwen (楊育文); Liu, Zhiqiang (劉志強); Huang, Dingfa (黃丁發); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇)
2006干涉雷达永久散射体自动探测——算法与实验结果 = Automated detection of permanent scatterers in radar interferometry : algorithm and testing resultsChen, Qiang (陳強); Liu, Guo-xiang (劉國祥); Li, Yong-shu (李永樹); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利)
2003新一代多天线GPS系统研制 = A new generation of multi-antenna GPS systemDing, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Huang, Ding-fa (黃丁發); Yin, J. H. (殷建華); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Sun, Yong-Rong (孫永榮); Yang, Yu-wen (楊育文)
2001星载SAR复数图像的配准 = Co-registration of satellite SAR complex imagesLiu, Guo Xiang (劉國祥); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Li, Zhilin (李志林); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Zhang, Guo-Bao (章國寶)
2000极具潜力的空间对地观测新技术——合成孔径雷达干涉 = New and potential technology for observation of earth from space: synthetic aperture radar interferometryLiu, Guo Xiang (劉國祥); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Li, Zhilin (李志林); Zheng, Da-wei (鄭大偉)
2007永久散射体雷达差分干涉应用于区域地表沉降探测 = Radar differential interferometry based on permanent scatterers and its application to detecting regional ground subsidenceChen, Qiang (陳強); Liu, Guo-Xiang (劉國祥); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Li, Yong-Shu (李永樹)
2006沿海地区dinsar形变探测 : 精度与可应用性分析 = Detecting of surface deformation in coastlands by DInSAR : accuracy and applicability analysisLiu, Guo-xiang (劉國祥); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利)
2006虚拟参考站技术中对流层误差建模方法研究 = Research on the modeling of tropospheric delay in virtual reference stationXiong, Yong-liang (熊永良); Huang, Ding-Fa (黃丁發); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Yin, Hai-Tao (殷海濤)
2008香港GPS基准站坐标序列特征分析 = Characteristics of daily position time series from the Hong Kong GPS fiducial networkYuan, Lin-Guo (袁林果); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Wu (陳武); Kwok, Simon (郭志和); Chan, Siu-Bun (陳少彬); Chau, Kam-tim (周錦添)
2004高精度GPS变形监测中基线解算的精度分析 = Accuracy Analysis of Baseline Solution in High Precise GPS Deformation MonitoringYuan, Lin-Guo (袁林果); Huang, Dingfa (黃丁發); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Zhong, Ping (鐘萍)