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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2001 Piezoelectric ceramics - piezoelectric polymer compound material and making method = 压电陶瓷 - 压电性聚合物复合材料及其制造方法Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Zhou, Qifa (周歧發); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍); Zhang, Qingqi (張清琦)
31-Aug-2005 Piezoelectric ceramic step-up transformer in bending vibration mode and its making process = 弯曲振动模式压电陶瓷升压变压器Zhang, Yu (張彧); Hu, Junhui (胡俊輝); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍)
21-Jan-2004 Piezoelectric sensor for welding parameter measurement = 测量焊接参数用的压电传感器Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Chiu, Siu San (趙小珊); Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮); Cheung, Yiu Ming (張耀明)
18-Sep-2013 Rotary ultrasonic imaging system = 旋转超声成像系统Lin, Guohao (林國豪); Chen, Yan (陳燕); Dai, Jiyan (戴吉岩); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
25-Aug-2010 Sodium potassium niobate barium zirconate titanate series lead-free piezoelectric ceramic composition = 铌酸钠钾锆钛酸钡系无铅压电陶瓷组合物Lin, Dunmin (賃敦敏); Kwok, Kin-wing (郭建榮); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
20-Jul-2005 Stepdown piezoelectric ceramic autotransformer and its making process = 自耦式压电陶瓷降压变压器及其制备方法Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Li, Guorong (李國榮); Hu, Junhui (胡俊輝); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍)
25-Jul-2012 Thin-film phase shifter for micro-wave filter network and preparation = 微波滤波网络薄膜移相器及其制备方法Wang, Yu (王雨); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Chen, Xuejiao (陳雪嬌)
24-Aug-2005 Ultrasonic transducer = 超声换能器Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮); Cheng, Kei-chun (鄭基駿); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍)
21-Jan-2004 焊接工具Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍)
May-2011 相扩散阻挡法制备铁酸钴/改性钛酸铋钠0-3复合多铁性陶瓷 = Fabrication of the cobalt ferrite/modified sodium bismuth titanate 0-3 multiferroic composites via diffusion-blockingHan, Quanwei (韓權威); Li, Kun (李坤); Peng, Song (彭松); Wang, Yu (王雨); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
Feb-2011 磁场增强压电悬臂梁震动发电装置 = Magnetic field enhanced piezoelectric cantilever-structure vibration generatorHan, Quanwei (韓權威); Li, Kun (李坤); Yan, Ling (嚴玲); Zhou, Jinlong (周金龍); Wang, Yu (王雨); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
Showing results 2 to 12 of 12
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