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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Chomsky句法理论的最新动向 = The latest development of Chomsky's theory of syntaxShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
May-2009“N₁+A+D+N₂”的分类与解释 = Classification and interpretation of "N₁+A+D+N₂" in ChineseZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Sep-2007上海话疑问成分“(口伐)”的语义及句法地位 = The semantic and syntactic roles of the interrogative particle va(口伐) in the Shanghai dialectShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Feb-2009体词谓语句与词类的划分 = On sentences with substantive predicate and the classification of wordsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2006关于“有标记”的歧解Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2005动—名结构歧义的产生与消除 = The ambiguity of V-N constructions and their disambiguationShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Feb-2006动词后数量短语的句法地位 = On the syntactic status of the post-verbal numeral phrasesShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Aug-2005动词的“指称”功能和“陈述”功能 = On referential and asserting properties of verbal elementShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Aug-2007区分名词与动词的标准、方法及后果 = The criteria, method and result of the classification between noun and verbShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2011同形词意义差别的来源——香港书面汉语和标准汉语中的同形词 = The genesis of homographic expressions—the case of homographs in Hong Kong written Chinese and standard ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Liu, Yi (劉藝); Chen, Changshu (陳長書)
Jul-2007向心结构与离心结构新探 = Endocentric construction and exocentric constructionShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
1997国外汉语语言学研究现状——《汉语语言学的新视野》评介Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Sep-2005完句条件与指称特征的允准 = Conditions on the completeness of sentences and the licensing of referential featuresHu, Jianhua (胡建華); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Sep-2009形容词与名词的语义组合模型研究 = A semantic construction model between adjectives and nouns in ChineseZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Mar-2009无定代词与独立 "的" 字结构 = Indefinite pronouns and independent DE constructionShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
1998汉语主题句的特性 = The nature of Chinese topicsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2000汉语句法的灵活性和句法理论 = The flexibility of Chinese syntax and the theory of syntaxShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Nov-2003汉语的定中关系动-名复合词 = Chinese attributive V-N compoundsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
1995洋泾浜语及克里奥语研究的历史和现状Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Mar-2006“港式中文”与语言变体 = "Hongkong Chinese"and language variationsShao, Jing-min (邵敬敏); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jan-2012烟台话中不带指示词或数词的量词结构 = Bare classifier phrases in the Yantai dialectLiu, Tanzhou (劉探宙); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jul-2011状位名形组合中名词的语义特征及其受限机制 = On the semantic features and limitative mechanism of noun in the adjective-noun combinations as an independent adverbialZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Feb-2011状位情感形容词与述位动词结构同现的原则 = Some principles on the co-occurrence of affective adjectives and verbal-constructionsZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jun-2003理论语法与汉语教学——从“是”的句法功能谈起 = Theoretic grammar and Chinese language teachingShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jul-2007生成转换语法的理论基础 = The theoretic foundations of generative-transformation grammarShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2008“的”和“的”字结构 = De and de constructionShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
May-2012省略结构的儿童语言获得研究 = The acquisition of elliptical constructions in child MandarinLi, Ruya (李汝亞); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Hu, Jianhua (胡建華)
Jan-2006约束B原则与代词的句内指称 = Binding Principle B and the intra-sentential reference of pronounsHu, Jianhua (胡建華); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
May-2000英语与香港书面汉语 = English influence on Hong Kong written ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Zhu, Zhiyu (朱志瑜)
1999英语对香港书面汉语句法的影响──语言接触引起的语言变化Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Chu, Chi-yu (朱志瑜)
Sep-2005英语对香港书面汉语词汇的影响——香港书面汉语和标准汉语中的同形异义词 = English influence on Hong Kong written Chinese : the case of homographsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Chu, Chi-yu (朱志瑜)
2005“被”字句的归属 = On "bei (被)" passive in ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2005“被”的句法地位 = The syntactic status of "bei" (被)Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Hu, Jianhua (胡建華)
Jul-2011语气、情态与句子功能类 = Mood, modality and sentence typeZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2009谓词性宾语的句法地位 = The syntactic status of verbal objectsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2011“都”字关系结构中中心语的宽域解读及相关问题 = On the wide-scope interpretation of the head NP in dou relativized constructions and some related issuesHuang, Zanhua (黄瓚輝); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jul-2008长短“被”字句之争 = Probing into the long and short "passive" words and expressionsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Sep-2010限制性定语和描写性定语 = Restrictive and non-restrictive attributivesShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
1998面向语料库处理的CDBMS和CSQLZhang, Xiaoheng (張小衡); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jan-2003香港书面汉语中的英语句法迁移 = Syntactic shift in Hong Kong written ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Zhu, Zhiyu (朱志瑜); Wang, Canlong (王燦龍)
Aug-2002香港书面汉语句法变异 : 粤语的移用、文言的保留及其他 = Hong Kong written Chinese : residues of classic Chinese, transfer of Cantonese and othersShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Wang, Canlong (王燦龍); Chu, Chi-yu (朱志瑜)
Nov-2001香港书面语的句法特点 = Special features of Hong Kong written ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Su, Jinzhi (蘇金智); Chu, Chi-yu (朱志瑜)
Mar-2006香港汉语书面语的语法特点 = On the grammatical features of written Chinese in Hong KongShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Wang, Dongmei (王冬梅)
1998香港语文教学与标准汉语Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)