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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012 The best rank-1 approximation of a symmetric tensor and related spherical optimization problemsZhang, Xinzhen; Ling, Chen; Qi, Liqun
2011 The best rank-one approximation ratio of a tensor spaceQi, Liqun
2009 Biquadratic optimization over unit spheres and semidefinite programming relaxationsLing, Chen; Nie, Jiawang; Qi, Liqun; Ye, Yinyu
2002 Descent directions of quasi-Newton methods for symmetric nonlinear equationsGu, Guang-Ze; Li, Dong-hui; Qi, Liqun; Zhou, Shu-Zi
2003 A feasible sequential linear equation method for inequality constrained optimizationYang, Yu-fei; Li, Dong-hui; Qi, Liqun
2010 Finding the largest eigenvalue of a nonnegative tensorNg, Michael; Qi, Liqun; Zhou, Guanglu
2004 Global minimization of normal quartic polynomials based on global descent directionsQi, Liqun; Wan, Zhong; Yang, Yu-fei
2010 Higher order positive semidefinite diffusion tensor imagingQi, Liqun; Yu, Gaohang; Wu, Ed X.
2002 A Newton method for shape-preserving spline interpolationDontchev, Asen L.; Qi, Hou-duo; Qi, Liqun; Yin, Hongxia
2000 On the constant positive linear dependence condition and its application to SQP methodsQi, Liqun; Wei, Zengxin
2008 Projected pseudotransient continuationKelley, C. T.; Liao, Li-Zhi; Qi, Liqun; Chu, Moody T.; Reese, J. P.; Winton, C.
2001 Second-order algorithms for generalized finite and semi-infinite min-max problemsPolak, Elijah; Qi, Liqun; Sun, Defeng
2000 Smoothing methods and semismooth methods for nondifferentiable operator equationsChen, Xiaojun; Nashed, Zuhair; Qi, Liqun
2000 A smoothing Newton method for minimizing a sum of Euclidean normsQi, Liqun; Zhou, Guanglu
2003 Solving Karush--Kuhn--Tucker Systems via the trust region and the conjugate gradient methodsQi, Hou-duo; Qi, Liqun; Sun, Defeng
2004 A squared smoothing Newton method for nonsmooth matrix equations and its applications in semidefinite optimization problemsSun, Jie; Sun, Defeng; Qi, Liqun
2006 A truncated projected Newton-type algorithm for large-scale semi-infinite programmingNi, Qin; Ling, Chen; Qi, Liqun; Teo, Kok Lay
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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